Constipation in Cats


cat constipatedcat constipated

The normal residence cat will have a bowel transformation each 24 to 48 hours. This magnitude will be influenced by factors like how vast they are, how many they eat, and how many fiber is enclosed in their diet. In some cases, bowel transformation magnitude can change. If we notice your pool straining to defecate, or if there hasn’t been a bowel transformation in some-more than 48 hours, he or she competence be constipated. Let’s take a  demeanour during what constipation in cats means and how to help. 

What is constipation in cats?

Constipation is when feces sits in a colon for longer than normal durations of time. Since a colon is obliged for interesting H2O behind into a body, feces can turn really dry and tough when it stays in a colon for too long. This can means unpleasant defecation for your cat, generally if so many sofa has amassed that it is now formidable to pass on a own.

constipated cat

constipated cat

What causes constipation in cats? 

Constipation can be caused by opposite factors. Cats who have health conditions that outcome in dehydration (e.g. kidney disease) competence be some-more receptive to constipation. Obese cats are also some-more expected to rise constipation, and long-haired cats have an increasing risk since they mostly have some-more hairballs than shorter-haired cats.  Cats with pelvic injuries or with tumors in their colon will have a many narrower opening for feces to pierce through. 

cat straining to poo

cat straining to poo

Sometimes, a upsurge or motility of feces by a colon can means constipation. The approach means for this slower motility is mostly not known, though cats who have ongoing constipation are some-more disposed to it. This is since the colon can turn vast and stretched over time, a condition referred to as megacolon. Cats with megacolon will have a many slower motility, and a ability for a colon to pull sofa by it becomes impaired. 

How can we tell if your cat is constipated? 


Constipated cats competence aria to defecate. They will viewpoint to defecate though competence sit there for enlarged durations of time and no sofa will pass. In some cases, a tiny volume of lax sofa competence pass, though this is customarily since a tiny lax sofa can trip past a dry tough sofa in a colon. 


Cats who aria to defecate competence also vocalize since of a pain. 

Dry and tough feces 

If they do furnish a bowel movement, we competence notice that a feces is really dry and tough when it passes. 

Urethral obstructions can be mistaken for constipation 

It is critical to note that masculine cats with a urethral deterrent can also viewpoint in a litterbox for enlarged durations of time, and they competence cry out or intone when doing this. This can simply be confused for constipation. Since urethral obstructions are a medical emergency, make certain to call your veterinarian right divided if your cat hasn’t urinated that day. 

Diagnosing constipation in cats 

Touch hearing by a vet 

Besides seeking about your cat’s medical story and clinical signs, your oldster competence also be means to feel a vast organisation sofa in your cat’s colon only on examination alone. 

X-ray or ultrasound 

However, it is prudent to suggest x-rays or abdominal ultrasound in sequence to see how many sofa is truly present and if there is anything else that could be occurring. For example, unfamiliar bodies and strictures can means prejudiced or finish obstructions of a colon. 





What do we give a cat for constipation? 


Constipation can be treated in a series of ways. First-time or amiable cases competence need a elementary purge to assistance them pass a stool. Lactulose is a common purge that helps to pull H2O into a colon, ensuing in softer stools. 


If laxatives don’t help, your oldster competence perform an enema. This is when a fatty glass is extrinsic into a rectum to act as a liniment around a dry, tough stool. 


If your cat’s constipation is due to dehydration, your oldster competence suggest liquid therapy to scold a liquid deficit. This can be finished by administering fluids next a skin (subcutaneously) or around an intravenous catheter. The latter choice is mostly fitting by conditions such as kidney disease. Additional treatments like anti-nausea remedy competence also be necessary. 

Fiber supplements and special diets 

For cats with ongoing constipation, fiber supplements and special diets are endorsed for enlarged tenure usage. This is since fiber also helps with a thoroughfare of dry, tough stools. For long-haired cats, hairball supplements assistance to oil a gastrointestinal tract. 


Severe and ongoing cases of constipation can be formidable to manage. Your veterinarian competence allot drugs like cisapride, a prokinetic remedy that helps to boost a motility of a gastrointestinal tract. Over time, however, a efficiency of this remedy will wear off. 


For cats that do not respond to any medical therapy, medicine competence be necessary. Specialty surgeons can perform a medicine called a prejudiced or sub-total colectomy. There are few side effects from this surgery, and many do utterly good after they have recovered. 

Constipation can be an worried condition for your cat

constipated cat

constipated cat

It is critical to residence constipation concerns with a veterinarian right away, generally if there is a possibility that your cat has a urethral deterrent since a straining in both scenarios can demeanour a same. Most cats respond good to medical management, and ongoing cases competence advantage from surgical intervention.