Exercise for Cats


cat fibbing on couchcat fibbing on couch

Dog owners have lots of options for sportive their pets. But if you’re a cat owner, we know that there are fewer options for gripping your pet in a rise of condition.

But it’s critical that cats get exercise. There are many health problems compared with plumpness in cats, only as there are for dogs. And if we possess a cat, there’s a flattering good possibility that your cat really needs some exercise. About 1 out of any 3 cats in is overweight.

Time for some pool calisthenics!

Experts suggest that we rivet your cat in some form of earthy play for 10 or 15 mins several times any day. The palliate with that we can do that will count on your cat’s age and temperament. Younger cats tend to be some-more witty than comparison cats, and some cats only have some-more of a witty inlet than others.

Here are some tips for assisting your cat get some witty exercise.


Cats are innate predators. Stalking and sport are instinctual. You can use your cat’s rapacious inlet to rivet it in witty fun. Here are some tantalizing targets that few kitties can resist:

  • Toy mice. You can buy battery-powered, motorized mice, or we can use a fibre tied to a elementary cosmetic fondle rodent to yield provocative life-like movements.
  • Feathered toys. Everyone knows that cats adore to petiole and locate birds. You can buy feathered toys that are bird replicas. Attach a fibre and make a fondle pierce like a bleeding bird, and no self-respecting pool will be means to resist.
  • A elementary square of string. A length of yarn, a shoestring, a square of badge – all are good for inspiring your cat into an attack. If your cat’s too cold to pounce on a fibre that YOU are apparently controlling, try jerking and twitching a length of fibre while dark behind a door, with a fibre using underneath a door.
  • Spot on. Use a tiny flashlight to gleam a mark of light on a floor, and watch your cat try to locate it as we pierce a mark of light around in jerky movements. A tiny dot of light from a laser pointer competence be even some-more overwhelming to your cat. (Be certain not to gleam a light in your cat’s eyes.)


Empty boxes and paper sacks can be good fun for pool playtime. Cats are naturally curious, and adore to examine tiny spaces and enclosures. Stack a few dull boxes or lay out some paper bags, and watch your cat get some good practice crawling by and around a ‘cat caves.’

(Do not use cosmetic bags; they poise a risk of random suffocation.)

A scratching post offers a twin advantage of charity your cat an opening for a instinctual need to blemish and providing some exercise. A cat tree also provides practice and, like a scratching post, helps to wear down a points of your cat’s claws.


Did we know that we could buy an practice circle for your cat? It’s a same judgment as a small practice wheels used for hamsters, yet privately designed for cats.

Some cats, though, are some-more prone to use an practice circle than others. If your cat energetically chases spots of light or strings opposite a floor, afterwards it’s substantially a quite good claimant for an practice wheel.

Exercise wheels are a good approach to get your cat lots of exercise, yet design to deposit a bit of time and calm in training your cat to use a wheel.


No matter what toys or enticements are involved, personification with your cat offers good fun for a both of you.

And a sugar-on-top is that a practice your cat gets from playtime will assistance to safeguard that it will be around for many some-more years of fun – a flattering good understanding for a both of you.


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