Ferret Dental Care: Keeping The Tooth Fairy At Bay


ferret teethferret teeth

Many of a domestic class are disposed to building dental disease. In some cases this is due to hapless genetics though in many instances diet plays an critical role.

There are a series of things we can do to urge a dental health of a bushy ferret friends.

Ferret teeth

Ferrets are insatiable hunters. They were bred to hunt and would ideally maintain on a diet done adult wholly of whole chase such as little mammals. Their teeth are pointy and designed for slicing little skeleton and ripping during meat. They have no molars, like herbivores, so are not designed for harsh tough food or grains.

Raw juicy bones

An ideal ferret diet is whole chase equipment such as baby chicks and mice. These juicy morsels are simply performed from a pet emporium that bonds invertebrate supplies. If we can’t stomach whole animals, make certain we feed your ferret golf round sized pieces of beef twice daily.

You can use duck necks or wings though safeguard they are tender not cooked. Avoid chop and leave all beef pieces vast adequate that they contingency be chewed and can't be swallowed whole.


Ferrets can wear down their little teeth by constantly crunching tough biscuits meant for other species. High carbohydrate processed dishes also accelerate dental spoil and lead to tooth loss.

For those who can't yield a Balanced Raw Diet, good peculiarity kitten biscuits are little adequate to not need too most nipping though check a tag and safeguard that they are primarily meat-based rather than containing cereal protein such as corn or soy. Some owners will brew a handful of Hills Science Diet t/d in with their ferrets dry food.

Annual checks

Your ferret should be visiting a Veterinarian during slightest annually for vaccination and ideally each 6 months. This is a good possibility to plead dental care. If your ferret is starting to get dental disease, improvement of diet might forestall serve damage.

Your Vet might also suggest a dental purify underneath ubiquitous anaesthesia. Ferrets are surprisingly strong when it comes to anaesthesia, notwithstanding their little distance and a dental purify can significantly urge altogether health.