First Aid Guide for Cats


cat during a vetcat during a vet

When it comes to scheming for an emergency, many of us have a collection of initial assist equipment on palm to use in box of an repairs or illness.  It should be no opposite for your bushy friends as well.  Keeping a few, elementary equipment and meaningful how to use them can unequivocally assistance your pool in times of need.

Just remember, cats can be formidable to treat, to contend a least.  An critical initial step to giving your cat any arrange of remedy or diagnosis would be to learn some doing techniques so that we yourself don’t finish adult wanting some initial aid.

This holding technique works good to give Kitty verbal medications.  Start by laying out a large, thick towel on a list tip or other prosaic surface.  Starting during one finish of a towel, hurl your pool adult in a towel creation certain that his front feet and down during his side, withdrawal customarily his conduct adhering out of a burrito.  Wrap snuggly adequate that he can’t simply giveaway his legs, though not so cosy that he can’t breathe.  If we have someone to assistance you, they can afterwards safely reason a pool while we give a verbal medications.

Here’s a good video from Cat Depot on how to do it yourself.

This also works if we need to provide a bruise or harmed paw, front or back. Just leave a influenced duke adhering out of a towel when we wrap.  If pool tends to be a biter, we can cover his conduct loosely with another towel.

Most of us cat owners should know a scruffing technique.  It’s a healthy suit that mom cats use to lift their young.  It also works good to control a cat’s conduct though causing any discomfort. Simply accumulate a lax skin on a behind of a neck in one hand. From here we can lift a pool if they’re not too heavy, or customarily keep them from biting. It also naturally pulls behind a lips and opens a mouth if we need to give verbal medication.

Here’s Dr. Christianne Schelling demonstrating a technique.

Giving your cat a thick towel or sweeping to lay on while doing this will give them something to penetrate their nails into instead of your arm.  This approach we have feet and teeth mostly in control and can continue with your treatment.

This is for two or some-more people only. One chairman scruffs your purry companion and lays him on his side.  Your helper’s other palm grabs a rear legs and kindly stretches them behind into a position that creates it demeanour like a pool is regulating by a meadow.  This leaves we open to determining a front legs and treating whatever it is you’re looking to do with a kitty.

It’s never a bad thought to have some canned food on hand, generally if your pool is used to eating customarily dry kibble. Canned food proves to be unequivocally interesting and some verbal drugs can be belligerent adult and dark in a canned food. This spares everyone’s fingers and also Fluffy some stress.

Canned food can also kindle a diseased appetite. It is needed that cats eat everyday, even if it’s customarily a small bit. Not eating can lead to liver problems. Offering some canned food might get your differently anorexic pool to eat or it can be churned with H2O and force fed if need be.


Now that we’ve all mastered some cat doing techniques on how to keep ourselves out of harm’s way, let’s pronounce about what we should have on palm to assistance your pool by an repairs or illness situation.  Note:   You should customarily have these equipment in box of an puncture and customarily give them underneath a superintendence of a veterinarian.


Most ordinarily used as an bleach and wound cleanser, hydrogen peroxide double duties as a puke inducer in cats.  This is generally critical as some cats are orally fixated and feast lots of objects that they shouldn’t. A common one would be rubber bands, hair ties, ribbon, or string.  This also can embody foods, cleaners, etc.  When regulating hydrogen peroxide, it’s critical to know what your pool ate.  Caustic or erosive substances should not be vomited behind adult as they can means some-more damage.  It’s also critical to use within 4 hours of ingestion for best results.

The sip of hydrogen peroxide is one teaspoon for many cats.  This is formed on an normal weight of 10 pounds. This sip can be given each 10 to 15 mins for 3 to 4 times or until queasiness occurs. It’s unequivocally best to do this outward if probable as it typically gets flattering messy.

Since many cats are zealous groomers, they tend to feast gobs of hair.  Most of a time this is not an emanate as a hair moves by a GI tract uninhibited. However, in some cats, a hair collects in a stomach and forms a hairball.  Sometimes cats are means to puke hairballs behind up, though other times they can get lodged in a intestines. Cat Lax or other form of purge designed for a pool pals works good to douse a skids so to pronounce to pierce a hairball through. It doesn’t means diarrhea necessarily, it customarily lubricates a conditions a bit.  For some kitties with ongoing hairball issues, Cat Lax can be given as a medicine magnitude on a daily or weekly basis. If we don’t have Cat Lax on hand, Vaseline will do a same, however it is unflavored and reduction expected to be taken as good by your cat.

For amiable to assuage arthritis, strains, or sprains, cats can have aspirin.  This would customarily be a proxy medication, customarily usually a singular dose, to use until your veterinarian can be seen.  Aspirin should not be used if there is active draining or for a enlarged generation of time.

The cat sip for aspirin is ½ to 1 80 mg baby aspirin each dual to 3 days.  Again, this and any of a other therapies should customarily be used in a splash until we can see your veterinarian.

Use on teenager cuts or scrapes to assistance pool reanimate faster.  The categorical thing to remember with this is hit time is important. This means we might need to cover a area after focus in sequence to keep cat tongues away.

Triple antibiotic salve can also be used in raw or harmed eyes.  Cat nails make ideal weapons to blemish eyeballs and eyelids, so eye injuries can be common in multi cat households.  Triple antibiotic salve can be used in these eyes as a initial line of invulnerability until we get to a veterinarian.

Vet hang is a spectacle gauze for all critters, including a tellurian kind.  It works good to cover wounds, stop bleeding, and for understanding bandages.  It is self-adhesive definition it sticks to itself and not other things such as wounds or hair. This creates it good for a bushy friends.  It also comes in a accumulation of colors and patterns for those kitties that have to use it prolonged term.

When regulating oldster wrap, it is critical to remember that it is a elastic gauze so jacket it too firmly can be a concern.  Just make certain we can trip a finger or dual underneath any gauze we apply.

This is used hand-in-hand with oldster wrap.  Since oldster hang customarily sticks to itself, we might need to supplement a frame of white fasten to your bandages to hang it to a hair.  This helps keep a gauze in place, generally if pool wants to lick or gnaw during it.  Be wakeful that it will substantially lift some hair when private so customarily be delayed and careful.

Kitties get dissapoint stomachs too.  This can be accompanied by amiable queasiness and diarrhea.  Pepto Bismol can be used to assistance ease these symptoms in a kitties that might have eaten something they shouldn’t have and have a softly dissapoint stomach as a result.

The sip for Pepto Bismol is ½ to 1 teaspoon each 12 hours for no some-more than 3 to 4 doses.  If there is no alleviation following this regime, it would time to see your veterinarian.

If your kitty’s oddity for bugs and bees leads to bites and stings, Benedryl is a good remedy to assistance diminution swelling, prickly and blazing compared with these issues.  It can also be used to assistance diminution automobile illness for those roving felines.

The sip for Benedryl is 2 to 4 mg per cat.  Obviously, smaller cats should accept a reduce sip and incomparable cats accept a incomparable side.  Also, incomparable doses can lead to sedation, so keep that in mind when treating.  The children’s glass chronicle works a best in these situations.


Plain yogurt is a good source of healthy probiotics.  Probiotics turn critical in kitties that are ill or on antibiotics.  Probiotics assistance to say a healthy GI tract and forestall diarrhea.  Plain yogurt has reduction sugarine than flavored and many cats will straightforwardly eat it. Just give them a integrate teaspoons with their dish for a generation of a remedy or illness.


Since many of these products are useful for humans, it creates it unequivocally easy to keep stocked for cat initial assist as well.  Just practice correct precautions when operative with your pool and know how to use a products discussed.  It can unequivocally make a disproportion when faced with an illness or injury.  However, remember to always hit a veterinarian and scheduling an appointment before perplexing any of these treatments.  We customarily wish to make certain we are prepared in box we need to give them in emergencies.