Flea and Tick Control for Dogs


dog scratchingdog scratching

Fleas and ticks are not usually vitriolic to your dog; they can means some critical health problems. We offer a tip tips and recommendation for gripping your dog messenger flea and bug free.

Dog owners all over a universe spend hundreds of dollars a year gripping their pet giveaway of fleas and ticks, and with good reason. Fleas start via a year and ticks are a harassment right along a coastal areas, mostly during a warmer months.


Flea bites are irritating, yet this is a slightest of your dog’s concerns. The consequences of flea infestation can be a lot worse. If your dog is allergic to flea saliva, one punch is adequate to trigger a critical itch.  He’ll blemish and punch during himself until his skin is red and traumatised and he has mislaid a hair over a influenced area. Bacteria can taint his damaged skin that creates a prickly worse, and years of satirical a hair can wear down his incisors.

The flea is a center horde for a tapeworm Dipylidium caninum. A flea infestation can outcome in a tapeworm infestation. Fortunately, these worms don’t means anything some-more critical than an tingling bottom and weight loss.

Because fleas splash your dog’s blood, a vast series of them can means anemia. In fact, dogs have died given of flea associated blood loss.

Ticks are a opposite story. The adult womanlike stoppage bug (Ixodes holocyclus) injects a venom as she feeds on your dog, that causes an descending paralysis. Often a initial denote of a problem is that his bellow will change pitch, and he will seem a small rootless on his behind legs. The stoppage gradually moves brazen to impact his forelegs and his respirating muscles. Tick stoppage can be deadly if not treated promptly.

You’re not defence from a effects of these small parasites.  Fleas will leave red tingling bites on your skin, yet customarily fleas have to be flattering unfortunate to punch humans. Ticks can also means tingling lumps or allergic reactions in people, and can broadcast some spreading diseases. Tick stoppage in humans is rare, yet it does happen.


There are a series of options accessible to dog owners to strengthen dogs from fleas and ticks. Shampoos, flea collars and powders don’t work good if you’re traffic with a lot of parasites.

Flea allergic pets or large flea problems

One of a many effective and fastest-acting flea control products is Comfortis, a flavoured inscription that keeps your dog flea-free for a whole month. The active part in Comfortis is spinosad. If you’re looking for extended spectrum bug protection, afterwards Trifexis is a good choice. It contains spinosad for flea control, as good as other mixture that kill heartworm and abdominal worms.

Combination products for ticks and fleas

If we wish a mixed product for ticks and fleas Frontline, Advantix, Bravecto or Nexgard are your best options. Bravecto is given once each 3 months, so combines good if we use a yearly heartworm injection from your vet, and a 3 monthly wormer like Milbemax.

Nexgard, a monthly mix flea and bug chew, is even simpler. Combine it with a monthly heartwormer and abdominal wormer, Interceptor and we usually need to remember to give both flavoured chews once monthly. A good elementary report to remember!


Some dogs usually will not take tablets and if your 4 legged family member falls into this category, afterwards you’ll need a opposite product. Frontline and Advantix are both applied monthly if used for fleas, yet need to be practical to a behind of a neck each 2 weeks if used for stoppage ticks during warmer weather. Just equivocate Advantix if we have cats.

Frontline is also accessible as a mist yet this is some-more time immoderate to request and can be messy. Some dogs don’t like being sprayed all over their physique and will squirm and try to escape. It can be a great, inexpensive choice if we have mixed pets and class as it can be used in cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Environmental flea control

Fleas are inclusive breeders so whatever process we select to kill them, we need to also mangle their lifecycle.  This is finished with a use of insect expansion regulators that prevents a juvenile life stages building into adults. You’ll find these chemicals in someflea sprays or foggers.


There are now a series of products accessible to kill ticks. They all cover fleas as good and can be grouped into collars, topspots and sprays, and flavoured chews. What we endorse to use is formed on convenience, cost and either we also have a cat.


There are a few collars accessible for ticks, we like a Scalibor collar, that is flattering cost effective and usually needs to be transposed each 3 months. Just mislay it for showering and swimming.

Topspots and Sprays

Topspots are placed on a behind of a neck and there are dual we recommend, Advantix and Frontline Plus. Both are used monthly over winter for fleas, afterwards increasing to fortnightly during stoppage bug deteriorate (but for other forms of ticks, such as cattle ticks, they can be used monthly). If we have cats, a usually product protected to use (particularly if your cat and dog share resting areas) is Frontline.

You can also use Frontline spray every 3 weeks for stoppage ticks, and this is a usually product suitable to put on a cat for bug control.

Flavoured chews

There are now dual new shining bug control options accessible that we positively adore for their convenience. Bravecto is given orally each 3 months and comes in a flavoured chew. Nexgard is monthly, so combines good with Interceptor.

Whatever process of bug control we use, it’s critical that we check your dogs for ticks each day during bug season. Run your fingers by his cloak while you’re cuddling him, and feel him all over when you’re showering him. The womanlike bug usually starts to inject her venom into your dog after she has been trustworthy for during slightest 24 hours (but mostly several days), so if we can mislay a bug before this time has elapsed, your dog won’t turn paralysed. For some-more on ticks, including how to mislay a bug revisit here.


Sometimes, in annoy of your best efforts, we find your dog has picked adult a complicated flea weight or a tick. That’s okay, we can get absolved of them and if you’re quick, he won’t humour any ill effects.

All a fleas on your dog can be killed now by giving him a Capstar tablet. You’ll see a passed fleas on a building within 30 minutes! At a same time, opening your carpet, rinse his bedding and use a fogger or insecticidal mist in your home. When all a fleas are gone, don’t be restored – start a good flea impediment module true divided so your dog doesn’t finish adult in a same conditions again.

If we find a bug on your dog, mislay it immediately. There are bug dismissal collection accessible yet it’s usually as easy to use tweezers. Grasp a bug as tighten to your dog’s skin as possible, turn to recover a mouthparts of a tick, afterwards kindly pull. Don’t worry if we consider there is still some bug underneath a skin. You will mostly see a really delirious area called a ‘tick crater’ for a week after stealing a tick. It is always endorsed that we revisit your oldster even after stealing a tick, given a venom already inside your dog keeps operative for 24 hours even after a bug is removed. This means your dog can still get ill and might need treatment. If we can take a bug with we for marker your oldster can endorse either it is a stoppage bug or not. The colour of a tick’s physique will change with a age of a tick, yet a leg colour is a unchanging approach to brand a tick. The stoppage bug is graphic next and has brownish-red legs during a front and back, yet white legs in a center (though it can be tough to see a colour difference).

Paralysis tick, display leg colours.Paralysis tick, display leg colours.
Paralysis tick, display leg colours.


When you’re traffic with fleas and ticks, we need to keep them underneath control by frequently checking your dog’s skin and regulating an effective insecticide. By doing so, you’ll equivocate skin exasperation and infections and even worse, life melancholy paralysis. When it comes to these small parasites, impediment is really improved than cure.