How to Teach Your Dog to High Five, Play Dead, and Tidy Up


Puppy with a fondle runningPuppy with a fondle running

We tend to cruise of training as usually a means to make a fur-friends attractive and keep them safe. But training has another role, in that it provides critical mental kick that stops your pet removing bored. Indeed, it’s a good thought to ‘teach an aged dog new tricks’ as it’s a dog homogeneous of doing crosswords, and helps keep a mind sharp. That aside…it’s also good fun!

But before we demeanour during training some tricks, let’s cruise some simple discipline so that training is something both we and a dog demeanour brazen to.

  • Make training fun: Training should put a grin on your face and make a dog’s tail wag. This isn’t about flitting an exam, so make training into a game
  • Little and often: Most dogs do best if taught in brief bursts of 5 – 15 minutes. However, do use several times a day, such as during a TV ad breaks
  • Use prerogative formed methods: Tell your dog when they did a good pursuit and they’ll try even harder to please.
  • Consider clicker training: A clicker is a tiny device that creates a ‘click-clack’ sound when pressed. The thought is to learn a dog to couple a click-clack sound to get a reward. Once a dog creates this association, we use a clicker to ‘mark’ a preferred movement with a guarantee of a reward.

For some-more information on training, check out a introduction to training your dog article.

How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

You can learn a dog to do most anything…within a realms of reason. The knack is to mangle a pretence down into a parts, learn one bit during a time, and supplement on a subsequent step once a prior ones are mastered.

#1: High Five

Have a dog sit. If he happens to lift a duke somewhat from a ground, click and reward. Repeat this until he starts to comprehend that lifting a duke is a surefire approach to get a treat. If a dog doesn’t casually lift his paw, afterwards kindly lift it with your hand, being certain to click and reward. He’ll shortly expect what we wish and start lifting it for himself.

Once he’s mastered this, we get disreputable since we usually prerogative when he rises a duke a bit higher. Once he’s got this, and 80% of a time raises a duke a tiny higher, now usually prerogative when he raises it aloft still.

The thought is a clicker (or we can contend “Good” in an eager voice) helps him know a movement we want. Once he’s schooled one step, we don’t automatically prerogative any time so he tries a bit harder (lifting higher) to stir and acquire that treat. Last though not least, supplement a evidence word such as “Shake” or “High five”, so he performs on demand.


#2: “Bang!” or Play Dead

For a finished trick, we aim a fake pistol, contend “Bang!” and a dog rolls over and lies still as if dead.

First, your dog needs a plain “Down”. To learn this, reason a provide nearby a dog’s nose, reduce it to a building and pierce it somewhat divided from a dog so he sinks to a belligerent to get it. The dog needs to be means to stay in a down position for a notation or so before we pierce onto a subsequent part.

Encourage your dog to distortion on his side. You competence need to kindly pull his shoulder to do this. Again, sight him to stay still while fibbing down.  A useful spirit to do this is to strengthen this movement by observant “Lay” when a dog happens to distortion on his side to sleep.

With a dog fibbing on his side, reason a provide by his nose and pierce your palm as if sketch partial of a circle, joining his nose to his shoulder. The dog should follow a treat, and in a routine hurl onto his back. “Bang!” Add in your evidence word.

If a dog’s station and we contend “Bang!” he competence be confused and cruise you’re somewhat bonkers. So start with a evidence word while he’s in a fibbing position, afterwards when he’s got that, go from a down position, and afterwards eventually from standing.


#3: Tidy Up!

Wouldn’t it be good if a dog tidied adult his toys during a finish of a day?

Well, it’s not as tough as we competence cruise to learn “Tidy up”.

First, your dog needs to know how to “Fetch”, and does this reliably.

Now, find a box we wish a dog to put a toys in. Place a box during your feet (you competence as good relax, and do this indoors sitting on a sofa). Have a dog “Fetch”, though don’t prerogative him if he gives a round to you, usually if he drops it in a box.

If he ignores a box, afterwards get his seductiveness by putting a tiny provide inside. That approach he’ll both dump a fondle in and get a reward. Each time he does this, immediately he releases a round says “Tidy up”.  Once he releases a fondle into a box 4 out of 5 times you’re prepared to pierce on.

Next, pierce a box a brief stretch from your feet. Continue a diversion of fetch though with a “Tidy up” command. If he’s schooled good so far, he’ll continue to dump a fondle in a box. OK, though this is a relocating toy. Now try with a still one. Place a fondle nearby a box and give a “Tidy up” cue.

If everything’s going swimmingly, put dual toys side by side. Now here’s a rub. You don’t prerogative him for one toy, though usually when he puts both in. Each time he masters a somewhat some-more modernized partial of a trick, we supplement an additional element, such as a third, fourth, or fifth toy, until Bingo! He puts his possess toys away.

Now to try that with a kids….

Using these beliefs we can learn your dog to do usually about anything, and stir your friends and neighbors. Plus, he’ll path adult that one to one attention, and it will do his mind good. What’s not to like!