Iguana Care Guide


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Interested in a pet iguana or wondering how to caring for it properly?  This beam will assistance we get started with a basis of holding caring of this antiquated pet.

What many intensity iguana keepers don’t comprehend is their handful of a baby iguana is unfailing to grow into something coming a 20lb dinosaur lookalike. The usually reason an iguana wouldn’t strech this distance is if they aren’t scrupulously cared for and die young. Since neglecting an iguana is a not an option, this means that pint-sized hatchling shortly needs their possess room – literally!


An adult Iguana measures 5 – 7 ft. (the females are shorter) from nose to tail tip, and import in during around 20 lbs. They can also live adult to 20 years and are therefore a deliberate joining for any pet parent.

Your scaly-friend needs copiousness of space, such as an enclosing measuring 12 by 6 by 6 feet. Plus they are impersonal and need a area to be exhilarated (which can work out costly in winter) and UV lighting for clever bones.

As for food, iguanas are vegetarian and need a diet of uninformed fruit and veg. This should be sprinkled with calcium powder to revoke a risk of metabolic bone disease.

OK, we have a gangling room and welcome a awaiting of a vast scaly friend. Are iguanas easy to caring for? Yes and no.


Apart from those extraordinary antiquated looks, iguanas are famous for their enchanting personalities. When rubbed from a youngster, they grow to know their carer and find out their company. Iguanas even have a repute for following their pet primogenitor around like a dog.

However, accessible iguanas don’t occur by chance, and we do need to start doing them from a immature age. A lot like socializing a puppy, unchanging one-to-one time with people helps a baby iguana get used to people and suffer their company. The finish outcome is a accessible invertebrate that doesn’t punch (which is critical as an iguana punch can do genuine damage.)

A final means to cruise when doing an iguana is a risk of salmonellosis. Like many reptiles, iguanas might lift a salmonella bug. The invertebrate isn’t indisposed though excretes a germ that afterwards poise a risk to people. Good hygiene is essential, that includes soaking your hands after strike with a iguana. If those vital with we have diseased defence systems (such as children, a elderly, or that on chemotherapy) afterwards an iguana is best avoided as a pet.


Iguanas grow vast though start out small, and a tiny invertebrate in a vast enclosing is probable not to find their food. Therefore, be prepared to yield a smaller space for youth and enhance a enclosing as they grow.

Starting out a 20 gallon aquarium is excellent for a immature iguana adult to 18-inches in length. But know that same iguana as an adult needs a space that’s during slightest twice their length (nose to tail tip) and as far-reaching as a lizard is long. And this is a smallest requirement.

Remember, iguana are arboreal (tree dwelling) and also need straight space, hence a recommendation for an enclosing 12 x 6 x 6 foot. In reality, this is a distance of a vast sideboard or tiny bedroom, so make certain we have adequate space.

The choice of building covering is controversial. Small iguana has a robe of eating things they shouldn’t so be clever their ‘carpet’ if swallowed won’t means a bowel blockage. Popular options embody newspaper, butchers’ paper, or paper towels. Alternatively deposit in some invertebrate carpet, that is thickly woven and formidable to rip apart. Have during slightest dual pieces, so one is in use while a other is in a wash. Some people come adult with other solutions such as AstroTurf, linoleum, or runner tiles.

And final though not least, make certain a enclosing provides for a iguanas need to climb. Criss cranky a enclosing it with stout branches, so your scaly crony can get watch from on high.


A cold iguana is shortly a ill iguana. To stay good an iguana needs consistent heat, a basking spot, and UV lights. Work on providing a credentials feverishness of 80 – 88 F during a day and 75 – 80 F during night (warmer for youngsters). In further they need a basking spot, that is a hotspot they can lay underneath to comfortable up, of around 120 F.

UVB lighting is critical for calcium metabolism and clever bones. Given a distance of an iguana we might need dual UVB tubes to cover a length of their body. These lights need replacing each 6 months, as a volume of UV they pull out drops off dramatically after this time.

Oh, and know they like to have a graphic day and night photoperiod. This means a indoor iguana needs their lights branch out when it goes dim outside, and a screen forsaken over a front of a enclosing so they can get their beauty sleep.


The renouned immature iguana comes from a rainforests of South America, that are comfortable and humid. To impersonate this, a iguana’s enclosing need to strech a gummy 80% humidity. This can be tricky, and many keepers opt for a combo of a vast H2O play to yield a aspect area for evaporation, and misting a lizard several times a day.

Provide dual H2O sources. A play with a vast aspect area (for increasing H2O evaporation and aloft humidity) and a smaller play for celebration from. This said, don’t worry if we don’t see a iguana drink, they get many of their dampness from food, though need a choice to splash regardless.

Also, be wakeful that iguana are lustful of showering and defecating in water, so design to freshen both H2O bowls regularly.


These peaceful giants are vegetarian. Some keepers make a mistake of meditative their vast distance means they’ll advantage from a further of cat food. But this is disastrous, since meat-based dishes are too high in protein and aria a iguana’s kidney, heading to renal failure.

For a ideal iguana diet consider tender vegetables, with fruit as a once a week treat. Those best matched to iguanas embody collard greens, dandelions, turnip greens, immature beans, and yellow squash.

In further there are blurb dishes accessible from creditable invertebrate companies such as Zoo Med and Rep-Cal. Just be certain to review a mixture and if they embody animal protein put a box behind on a shelf. Adult iguanas cope improved than juveniles with dry diets; even afterwards it is correct to moderate a food. This is since iguanas get many of a H2O from their food, and too many dry food might lead to dehydration.

Calcium is critical for a healthy iguana. However, some veggies enclose phytates and oxalates that meddle with a digestion of calcium. Carefully investigate any new food we give a iguana, and usually give singular amounts of veg such as spinach, carrot tops, and rhubarb that sack a physique of calcium. A good reserve magnitude is to shower calcium powder on a iguana’s daily salad as a precaution.

Also, be wakeful of a gift of youthful iguanas is that they can’t gnaw their food, so be certain to cut it up. If they swallow a square that is too vast it could means a critical blockage, that is simply avoided by charity diced veg.


Poor caring is a biggest means of beforehand genocide in iguanas. Sadly, a many common health problems are also man-made.


Iguana especially clarity feverishness by a parietal eye in their head. When a feverishness source, such as a prohibited rock, is supposing a iguana’s swell doesn’t register a heat. Many an iguana has suffered critical browns from sleeping on a feverishness pad that was too hot.

Kidney Problems:

Foods containing animal protein, such as insects or pet foods, put a outrageous aria on a iguana kidney. They simply aren’t designed to routine and detox all these abounding protein sources, that leads to kidney repairs and renal failure.

Metabolic Bone Disease:

Be certain to strike that honeyed mark of feeding healthy veggies installed with calcium, and clever UVB lighting. If possibly of these factors is out of kilter, a outcome is bad calcium metabolism, diseased bones, and fractures.


The iguana is truly a pretentious animal though to caring scrupulously for such a quadruped takes commitment, courtesy to detail, and space. Much as we enterprise to keep one of these pleasing reptiles, put their best interests first. If we can’t accommodate all their mandate stretching 20 years into a future, afterwards it’s best to admire them from afar.

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