Introducing a New Cat to Your Existing Cat


cat introductioncat introduction

There are many people who feel that cats are unique and unsocial creatures, though this is a common misconception. Cats are indeed unequivocally amicable and mostly suffer interacting with other cats and their owners. 

However, it can be formidable to deliver a new cat to your existent cat since many cats are resistant to change. Even a participation of a new square of seat can outcome in a stressed kitty! 

stressed kitty

stressed kitty

In this essay we plead some considerations to take into comment when meditative about adding a new cat to your family. And a vets advise on some of a best ways to assistance your cats turn accessible as shortly as possible. 

Do cats suffer company? 

Not all cats cite to eat, sleep, and censor all day. Many of them flower on interactions between other cats and their owners. In fact, behaviorists report meowing as a sound that is usually used to promulgate with humans. Kittens will meow during their moms when they are cold or hungry, though as they get older, cats do not meow during other cats. And since humans have problem interpreting other cat language, meowing is a cat’s approach of articulate to his owner. 

cats snuggle

cats snuggle

Cats suffer playing, chasing toys, and sportive in brief bursts. Cats spend a lot of appetite in these bursts and afterwards nap for a vast apportionment of a day in sequence to feed their energy. Their playtime and interactions with us assistance to foster good earthy and mental health. Without environmental improvement and certain amicable interactions, cats can turn vexed or stressed. For some-more information, check out a essay on anxiety in cats

Considerations for your cat’s companion 

When deliberation a messenger for your cat, keep in mind that littermates tend to get along a best. This is expected since a cat’s window of time for socialization is utterly short. Siblings that are reduction than 7 weeks of age tend to get along unequivocally good as they get older. 

Introducing a kitten or immature adult can be easier 

Adult cats are some-more expected to get along with a kitten or a immature adult compared to a newly adopted prime or comparison cat. 

Opposite sex is a improved choice for comparison new additions

If we are looking to adopt a prime or comparison cat, keep in mind that comparison existing cats competence get along improved with a cat who is a conflicting sex. Aggression and fighting competence boost between dual males or dual females. 

Take it unequivocally slow 

Remember that it will take some time for adult cats to adjust to a new cat in a home. This could take days or even weeks, and so introductions should be light in sequence to minimize stress. An sudden introduction competence lead your existent cat to rise an hatred to a new cat, and he competence turn aggressive. For some-more information on charge in cats, greatfully review this article

cat aggression

cat aggression

Cats have opposite personalities 

You should cruise a opposite personalities that cats can have. Most cats who are sociable and outgoing competence fast adjust to a new cat. Cats who are timid or bashful may have a harder time adjusting, and cats who are too active or assertive competence means a new cat to turn stressed. If your cat is assertive towards and hisses during other animals, generally untamed cats who pass by outward a window, it competence be best to equivocate adopting another cat. 

A cat lamentation for his or her connected crony competence not be prepared for a new addition 

The bond between dual cats can be unequivocally strong. The detriment of one cat while a other survives can be distressing since cats can demonstrate grief. A lamentation cat competence seem nervous and will hunt a residence for their blank friend. They competence vocalize, generally during nighttime, and they competence not consort in a same ways. Grieving can final for months, so it is best to equivocate introducing a new cat during this period. 

How to equivocate a stressful introduction for your cats 

If we would like to adopt a new kitten or cat as a crony for your stream one, there are things we can do to minimize highlight while also scheming for a new arrival. 

Read adult and ready your home! 

The oldster propagandize during The Ohio State University has a website that provides a resources of information as partial of their Indoor Pet Initiative. The site discusses that cats need stealing places, perching or resting places, toys and play areas, exercise, and a certain series of dishes and spawn boxes depending on a series of cats in your home. 

Purchase relaxing products 

There are many relaxing products accessible to cat owners. Feliway is a pheromone-based product that mimics a pheromones of a nursing mother. It is a healthy approach to ease cats and is accessible in opposite product forms such as sprays, wipes, collars, and plug-in oil diffusers. Calming supplements like Composure Pro enclose tryptophan, an amino poison that is used to metabolize serotonin, a hormone that stabilizes mood and promotes happiness. Other supplements like Zylkene enclose a protein that is found in cow’s divert that helps with highlight and anxiety. If these equipment do not make a disproportion in your cat’s anxiety, a remedy from your veterinarian competence be necessary. 

Take it one room during a time 

To assistance your new cat, we can move a towel or sweeping from home and afterwards put it in a conduit when we expostulate him there. When we get home, place a conduit in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home. Do not rush to take your new pool out of his carrier. Give him about 30 mins to one hour before we try to mislay him. Keep a food dish, H2O dish, and spawn box tighten to where he is located. When he comes out and appears some-more comfortable, we can gradually uncover him a other bedrooms of your home. If this is too stressful, or if your existent cat is upset, it is best to keep them separated. 

one room during a time

one room during a time

Exchange scents 

You can keep your new cat in one room of a residence until he and your existent cat are relaxed. A good technique to start with is exchanging scents by switching adult blankets between a dual cats. This allows  them to get used to a smell of their new housemate but feeling threatened. Next up, they competence afterwards feel gentle to sniff any other underneath a door, and in time, we can try fixation a child embankment in a pathway so they can see one another. If they are still calm, they can correlate freely. If you’re still not certain how your existent cat will respond, we competence keep him on a leash/harness while he meets a new cat. 

cats looking by window

cats looking by window

Give them spaces to censor and sufficient resources 

You can keep your new cat’s conduit pathway open so that he has a protected place to hide. Also, make certain there are sufficient food dishes, spawn boxes, and scratching posts so that your dual cats will not have to contest for resources. If your home is tiny and a dual cats can’t unequivocally equivocate any other, cruise purchasing unequivocally high cat trees or implement cat shelves so that a dual kitties can take advantage of straight spacing, too.