Skin Problems in Cats. Common Causes and Treatment


Siamese cat bathing itselfSiamese cat bathing itself

What commission of a cat’s waking time does she spend grooming?

  1. 10%
  2. 50%
  3. 60 %

The answer is around (b) 50 % of her time, when awake. (Cats take sleeping to veteran levels, with 16 to 20 hours out of each 24 spent napping).

Grooming keeps a cat’s disguise purify and fragrance free, that for sport creates fur a homogeneous of an invisibility cloak. But bathing also plays a vital partial in gripping her skin healthy.

One thing’s for sure, if your cat has bruise or dirty skin, get her seen by a vet. Skin illness is a clever pointer that something is wrong, be that with a skin itself or as a snarl of another problem.

When a cat’s fur becomes lifeless and starry, it’s a satisfactory gamble that she’s not bathing properly. That tangled fur might be an critical idea that’s she feeble and doesn’t feel adult to soaking today.

Potential causes that can meddle with her toilette and means dry flaky or greasy skin, include:

  • Obesity: Too most girth and a cat can’t strech around to entrance all areas
  • Tooth ache: Dental illness creates it unpleasant to groom
  • Ill health: If a cat feels dizzy or is in pain afterwards she won’t wish to wash
  • Arthritis: Stiffness and tenderness make it physically unpleasant to groom
  • Stress: Many concerned or aroused cats will go to a other impassioned and over-groom as a approach of comforting themselves. This can lead to sketchy hair detriment and skin sores

In these examples, a cat’s skin is best helped by treating a underlying problem, so that Kitty can go about her bathing duties again.

Whether directly associated to a skin or not, a skin has singular ways of responding when there’s a problem. Any change from a neat silken disguise should be noted, and common clues to skin illness include:

  • Scabs
  • Scales or dandruff
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Sores or ulcers
  • Hair loss
  • Greasiness
  • A lifeless coat
  • Excessive shedding

However, all of a above are customarily clues and don’t give an answer in themselves as to what’s wrong, that is since a outing to a oldster is important.

The problem list your oldster has in mind goes something like this:

Parasitic Skin Disease

One of a initial things a oldster looks for are skin parasites. These critters mostly feed off blood or a aspect layers of skin cells, and means a lot of itchiness. In addition, they mostly trigger allergic reactions, that beget scabs or sores.

The classical instance is flea allergic dermatitis. Signs of this embody a participation of flea mud and lots of little scabs on a skin. What’s happened here is that flea spit has triggered a cat’s defence complement that reacts by popping adult hundreds of dirty scabs. Just one flea punch can trigger a greeting ensuing in a whole stand of scabs.

Common outmost parasites include:

  • Fleas
  • Lice
  • Walking dandruff mites (Cheyletiella)
  • Harvest mites
  • Demodex

When a cat has bruise skin and parasites are found, a tip priority is to get absolved of a parasites. In many cases, once a critters are left afterwards a skin problems transparent adult also.

There’s a bit of a crossover with parasites, given substances constructed by parasites (such as their spit or poop) mostly trigger skin allergies in cats. Hence, a significance of a cat being bug giveaway before embarking on costly or formidable investigations.

But parasites aren’t a whole design since cats positively can humour from allergies to anything in their environment. Just as for people, some cats are allergic to pollen, dirt mites, fragrances, or foods. What is somewhat opposite is how those allergies uncover themselves.

We’ve already mentioned flea allergies make cats mangle out in little skin scabs. Other forms of allergies can means ulcers on a lips (so-called ‘rodent ulcers’, since people used to consider they were a outcome of rodent bites) or itchy, delirious skin.

Food allergy in sold can means thespian skin crusting and soreness, that resolves when a cat’s diet is altered onto a low allergen food.

Controlling allergic skin illness is a churned bag. Whilst a cat can be ‘cured’ if a allergen is avoided altogether, though mostly this isn’t practical. In these cases a concede is reached regulating steroids or other drugs that conceal a defence complement and therefore a itch.

Skin infections are mostly a outcome of scratching or a punch (in a box of an abscess). Any mishap that indemnification a outside layers of a skin can concede germ in to settle an infection.

A bacterial infection customarily produces a weepy, delirious sore, with a tainted yellow-green discharge. Bathing with a diseased salt H2O resolution will assistance in a brief tenure until veterinary assistance is sought.

But skin infections aren’t singular to bacteria. In a young, old, or those kept in swarming conditions, fungal infections such as ringworm widespread rapidly. Typically these cats rise bald rags on paws, ears, or muzzles, that gradually enlarge.

Cat with ringwormCat with ringworm

If we are during all questionable of ringworm afterwards rinse your hands entirely after touching a cat as a mildew can taint people. Your oldster can allot an antifungal medicine (and / or a shampoo) to provide a cat.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to skin cancer in cats. The good news is that it’s comparatively are, though a bad news is that when it happens it tends to be of an assertive sort.

Most common is squamous dungeon carcinoma, that affects cats lacking colouring on their ears, lips, or noses. These white cats with pinkish gums or eyelids, miss a protecting colouring melanin. With steady bearing to UV sunlight, object repairs occurs that can lead onto skin cancer.

If we have a white outside cat, be on high warning if we see pink or ulceration on a nose or along a ear tips. Keep a cat out of approach sunlight, request pet-safe sunscreen, and get a oldster check. Prompt medicine can mislay pre-cancerous hankie and stop it building into an assertive cancer.


And finally, know that bruise skin shouldn’t be ignored. It’s nature’s approach of revelation we a cat has a problem. Prevent problems with unchanging bug control, and if tenderness still occurs find your vet’s help.

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