Why Does My Cat Drink More Water?


Cat celebration H2O from a tapCat celebration H2O from a tap

Is your cat celebration some-more H2O than she used too?

If she is, afterwards this could be poignant and a discuss with your oldster is advisable.

The vet-speak tenure for celebration some-more is ‘polydipsia’ and a word for peeing-more is ‘polyuria’. There are many reasons a cat competence splash and pee more, of that a draft toppers are kidney or liver disease, overactive thyroid glands, and sugarine diabetes. But lust can start for other reasons, not all of that are worrying.

Cats are sly about their celebration habits, that means it’s not always apparent when a cat is celebration more. Needing to refill a H2O play frequently is one clue, though a spawn box is a bigger one. What goes into a cat contingency come out, and so large, soppy rags in a spawn tray bear declare to her thirst.

Have we ever altered your cat’s food, and afterwards been questionable she is celebration more?

If a menu barter was from canned food to dry kibble, afterwards it’s some-more than expected she is and we have a reason right there.

Wet food is mostly adult to 80% water. The sly kidney is super-efficient during recycling water, that means your feline-friend gets her daily H2O quotient from a soppy food. However, dry food – as a name suggests – has many of a dampness removed. Now a cat not usually needs to splash her daily H2O though take in additional H2O to digest a dry kibble.

Swap from soppy to dry food and a cat who’ve you’ve never seen drink, unexpected becomes smitten of her H2O bowl.

Other times when celebration is normal is in prohibited weather. Although your cat doesn’t persperate (except by her pads) she does lick herself to stay cool. Saliva evaporating from her fur serves a identical duty to sweat, in that it cools her skin. But it also leaves her dry mouthed and so she drinks to stay hydrated and to energy her middle air-con.

If we aren’t certain if your cat’s lust is normal or something to worry about, afterwards contemplate a following questions:

  • Have we altered her food? Sometimes even swapping between brands can kindle thirst, if a recipe has some-more salt in it.
  • Have her habits changed? If she seems differently her normal self, afterwards so distant so good. However, if her ardour has forsaken off (or even increased) or she’s approach some-more cold than she was, afterwards something could be amiss.
  • Does she have any symptoms? Any change from normal is significant. For instance if she’s parched and is frequently ill or has diarrhea, afterwards a health problem competence be during a heart of things.

If there’s no apparent reason and she isn’t’ utterly herself, afterwards a oldster checkup is advisable.

How will a oldster know what a problem is?

The oldster will take a story and inspect a cat. Like a hulk puzzle, a pieces mostly indicate in a specific direction. To pin things down, tests competence be in order, such as urine or blood tests.

Many health conditions have lust as a sign trimming from heat to kidney disease, overactive thyroid glands to cancer. Many of these can be tranquil or treated, so there’s each reason to be active and get your sly crony checked out.

Those problems that will be uppermost in a vet’s meditative include:

Kidney Disease

Your housecat’s ancient ancestors lived in a desert. To cope with a bone-dry conditions, cat kidneys developed to be super-efficient during recycling dampness from their prey, so they frequency indispensable to drink.

But when a kidneys get older, infected, or diseased, active organic kidney hankie is transposed by injure tissue. This interferes with how good a kidney filter and she loses some-more H2O as urine. The cat now turns to a H2O play in sequence to splash and reinstate a mislaid fluid. And it is a celebration that we see as thirst.

However, spotting these problems early and starting diagnosis gives a cat an glorious possibility of an extended life. With this in mind don’t go into a state of denial, though tackle things conduct on.


Another really common problem generally with prime to comparison cats, are overactive thyroid glands. These oversee how fast a physique browns calories, and is a homogeneous of pushing a automobile with a gas pedal to a floor. Thus a symptoms to demeanour out for embody increasing hunger, hyperactivity, and thirst.

In this box a lust comes about since thyroid hormone is a diuretic…or a healthy chemical that causes a physique to lax H2O by a kidneys. With extreme H2O being peed out, a cat contingency make adult a disproportion by celebration more.

Liver Disease

The liver has a lot of jobs to do, many of that embody violation down a rubbish products of digestion to detox them. When a liver isn’t operative properly, healthy toxins levels stand in a bloodstream. This triggers messages to a mind that tell a cat to splash some-more in sequence to flush and purify a blood.

Liver illness comes in many guises though these are mostly cats that are lethargic, with bad appetites. Some forms of liver illness are treatable, so again, don’t check that oldster check since you’re disturbed about a prognosis. The earlier a diagnosis is made, a improved a expected outcome.


Diabetes is a condition where a cat’s blood sugarine levels run too high. Over a certain level, sugarine spills out of a kidney and into a urine. But sugarine has an ‘osmotic potential’ that means it pulls H2O with it, like wasps follow after jam. With liquid mislaid in a urine, lust receptors are triggered that inspire a cat to splash more.

Other signs to watch for embody weight loss, celebration excessively, and lethargy. Again, diagnosis is accessible and a earlier it’s started a reduction complications a cat is expected to develop.


Certain forms of cancer means shifts in blood calcium levels or else beget healthy chemicals that trigger thirst. What other symptoms a cat has, will count on a form of cancer a cat has, for instance a bowel cancer competence means illness or diarrhea.

If your cat is celebration more, a enticement competence be to keep a H2O play full and spin a blind eye. Instead, it’s improved to find a veterinarian’s opinion. Early diagnosis of many of these problems that means lust in a cat, are fair to treatment. The soonest that therapy is started, a improved a outcome for a cat.