Why Does my Cat still have Fleas?


Fleas are a problem in gentle wet areas, utterly in high firmness living. It can be frustrating when we use a flea product, yet your cat still gets fleas. Here we speak about since that happens and what we can do to give everybody some relief.

If we step behind and cruise about them, fleas are fascinating parasites. They are also unequivocally successful during what they do, that of march creates them formidable to control. It would be good to cruise we could customarily put a monthly flea product on a pet afterwards forget about it, yet environmental diagnosis is also important. If we are after a some-more healthy proceed we will also give a few recommendations of what will and won’t work for your pet.


Most flea products will kill adult fleas and stop them laying some-more viable eggs. Only 5% of a flea race indeed lives on your pet, so if we are saying 5 fleas, it means that there is another 95 fleas vital in a environment.  You are customarily saying a tip of a iceberg. The small eggs, larvae or pupae live in a environment, ordinarily strong around resting areas. This means there are customarily copiousness of new fleas to reinstate those fleas on your pet that are being killed by your flea product. In addition, many products take hours or days to kill any singular flea, so we can still see adult to 20 fleas on your pet even yet a product is working. Check out this video of a flea life-stages.


After a flea jumps onto your cat, a flea starts feeding on blood and laying eggs. A womanlike flea can lay adult to 50 eggs a day, so it is no consternation we can go from one flea to hundreds in a unequivocally tiny space of time, and since being late with flea drugs can be a vast problem.

The eggs tumble off your pet and induce within 1-10 days (quicker if it is gentle and humid). The hatched larvae pierce somewhere dim (usually downwards into gaps between floorboards, in soil, underneath mulch, low in runner or bedding or underneath furniture), where they feed on organic element (including flea faeces). After 5-11 days a larvae pupate, combining a gummy cocoon around themselves that protects them and creates them formidable to aim with vacuuming or a flea bomb. After 7-10 days a fleas will induce in response to vibrations, CO dioxide or feverishness and go poison for a blood meal. If there is no kick to hatch, these wholly grown fleas can stay in their cocoons for years. Which is since in some cases we can pierce into a empty skill and have a vast flea presentation all during once.

Under many circumstances, satirical people is a final review for fleas; they would many cite to live on a pets than punch us. In gentle wet conditions a flea cycle is unequivocally fast, and a whole thing is finished within 2 weeks. It slows down or stops altogether with dry, cold or unequivocally prohibited weather.


Generally many cats can endure low numbers of fleas, so saying a integrate of fleas is not indispensably means for alarm. If we are regulating a flea product, many expected those fleas are solemnly removing tainted and are on their approach out. It is a opposite story for those cats that are allergic to flea bites. Flea spit allergies are unequivocally common in cats. These hapless pets tend to blemish and chew, utterly around a bottom of a tail and mostly rise utterly nasty prohibited spots or skin infections.

In flea allergic pets customarily one flea punch can keep them prickly for 2 weeks. A flea can punch adult to 400 times before it is killed, so even customarily one flea can lead to vast discomfort. These cats unequivocally need despotic flea control, both environmental and visit accepted or verbal application. In unequivocally tiny kittens, vast numbers of fleas can also lead to anaemia from fleas feeding on their blood. Fleas also widespread some blood-borne diseases and tapeworm.


Flea shampoos and powders are unequivocally ineffectual and a rubbish of time and money. The effects customarily final for as prolonged as a piece stays in a coat, so one or a few days is all we get. Unfortunately flea control unequivocally is one of those things where we get what we compensate for. Some accepted or verbal flea products can be expensive, yet if we use them scrupulously and via a year, total with good environmental control, we will equivocate a con and responsibility of contracting a veteran harassment exterminator and dear veterinary bills from skin problems.

As mentioned previously, flea products for a many partial don’t work instantly. The customarily repellent-style products accessible are Pyrethrim-based such as Permoxin and these are unequivocally poisonous to cats. For all other products (Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advocate, Comfortis and Revolution) a fleas contingency possibly punch your pet to feast a venom or catch a venom from hit with your pet’s skin, so we can see how a flea allergic pet will mostly have a problem if there are vast numbers of newly emerged fleas in a environment. For these cats, a aim is to revoke environmental flea numbers AND provide your cat.

Products with Nitenpyram (like Capstar) have a faster speed of kill, than many top-spot products so if we are saying vast numbers of adult fleas on your pet, give them a Capstar tablet. It can be used in and with all other flea products, yet a effects customarily final for 24 hours, so it is unreal to use it as your solitary form of flea treatment. The newest flea product out is called Comfortis. This monthly flea inscription starts operative within hours, so it is a fastest behaving monthly flea diagnosis now available.  Ask your oldster if we would like to try Comfortis.


Frontline Plus is stored in a sebaceous (oily) glands in a skin, so visit showering or swimming (more than weekly) can frame it from a skin and meant it is reduction effective. It is unequivocally critical not to request it customarily after a bath, and we can't rinse your cat for 48 hour after regulating it. Frontline Plus has a advantage that a venom used is not engrossed significantly by your cat, so if we are demure to use toxins in your pet, maybe Frontline Plus is a good compromise.


There is no tangible reported insurgency to flea drugs according to a manufacturers of these products. There positively are products that work improved in certain situations though. The manufacturers of Frontline in sold have finished endless investigate into a topic, including removing samples of fleas from all over Australia. They have found no insurgency problems, yet news that many product disaster is customarily due to crude focus or miss of point environmental control.


First demeanour during where your pet spends many of his time. Target this area in particular. Use a flea explosve inside a residence to get absolved of those eggs and larvae that will induce and repopulate your pet. You can also get a palm hold mist to provide underneath cupboards, couches and beds. A flea explosve will keep operative for 9 months.

If we are not penetrating to flea bomb, cruise visit vacuuming each 3 days. Also opening before a flea explosve and remember that those larvae are motile, so we will need to opening underneath furniture. Pay sold courtesy to pet sleeping areas. You will not indispensably opening adult a fleas unless we have an industrial strength vacuum, as a flea cocoons are sticky, yet vibrations of a opening will kindle a fleas to emerge from their cocoons, and it is these cocoons that strengthen a pupae. Vacuuming also gets absolved of flea faeces and other organic element from a building that a larvae feed on.

You can also use a powder called Flea Busters, that is formed on boric acid. It can be sprinkled in carpets or swept into a gaps in your floorboards and acts to kill flea eggs and larvae. It will work identical to a flea explosve in assisting to control a juvenile flea life stages.


Treatment of a outward is some-more complicated. Ideally all animals should be on flea control and wandering cats should be kept divided from your yard. Immature flea life stages are receptive to a effects of drying, impassioned feverishness and cold and approach sunlight. They adore a humid, gentle and preferably dim environment. Sweep adult leaves, keep lawns short, extent a use of mulch, blockade off areas of a yard that are gentle and dim and stable from a elements (such as underneath a residence or veranda and down a side of a house).

Salt (such as pool salt) can be sprinkled in some outward areas to act as a desiccant or drying representative to kill juvenile fleas. It can be vitriolic to your cat’s skin and is not good for plants, so we eventually need to retard off a area if we can. There are also specialised harassment companies that will provide your yard for fleas. Not all veteran harassment sprays provide fleas, and always make certain they are cat safe.


Make certain any pet beds can be cleared in their entirety on a prohibited cycle in a soaking appurtenance (over 60ºC/140F for some-more than 10 minutes). It is not adequate to customarily rinse a cover of a bed as a fleas will den down into a mattress or foam. If your cat has entrance to an aged cot outward as a bed cruise what could be vital in there, and get an easier to purify bed.

If your cat is lustful of sleeping in a mud or mulch or underneath a untrustworthy tree these can be good areas for a flea nest. Perhaps he is perplexing to keep cold and we could cruise a nice cool bed instead. Sweep a mud as many as probable to get absolved of organic element such as mulch and leaves.


Sometimes in a hunt for a some-more ‘natural’ approach to strengthen a pets, all sorts of uncanny and smashing recommendations are done on a internet. Just since something is ‘natural’, that does not indispensably means it is safer. Dogs and cats are many opposite to humans and things that are protected for us (such as grapes, chocolate and paracetamol), can mistreat a pets. Registered flea products have years of investigate into reserve and have unequivocally despotic production controls. While healthy remedies are mostly totally harmless, cats do have a bent to feast substances while grooming, so be heedful of this when perplexing something new. In many ways a proven product is many safer than a ‘natural’ pill posted on a internet with no investigate and reserve data.

The best healthy pill for fleas in a sourroundings is soaking bedding on a prohibited cycle in a soaking appurtenance once a week and vacuuming each few days. Then tackle a yard and any other animals nearby, even if that means shopping we neighbour some Advantage for her cats! The boric poison powders mentioned above are also good for murdering fleas in a sourroundings if we are demure to use a flea bomb. Also see a other environmental flea control options above.


Garlic is a common flea pill and can be unequivocally poisonous to cats, along with onions. Essential oils and in sold tea tree oil are unequivocally poisonous if ingested, so are not pet safe. Tea tree is deliberate protected in animals if used during reduction than 1% concentration, yet this is wholly ineffectual for all a supposed uses. We don’t tend to splash a essence of that scented oil infuser, yet your pets will mostly husband themselves, so anything we mist on them has to be protected for ingestion. Citronella is utterly descent to a pets, that is since it is used as a punishment in bellow collars (don’t get me started on that one), so it seems utterly vicious to mist it all over them. Similarly lemon sprays are wholly invalid as a flea repellent.

Fleas have blending to be unequivocally crafty parasites, so it is not customarily a matter treating your pet once a month. To unequivocally tackle those blood-suckers, we need to kill all those implicit fleas in a sourroundings to revoke re-infestation. We wish this essay helped we find some solutions for your pets. If we have any other specific questions on how to provide your pet for fleas, greatfully post a doubt in a Love That Pet forum. Sometimes with a small investigator work a resolution can be found that does not need vast volumes of poisonous chemicals to keep your pet gentle this summer.


  • Flea remedy can seems like it is not operative since zero kills fleas instantly
  • Treat a sourroundings with flea bombs and unchanging vacuuming
  • Wash pet beds weekly on a prohibited cycle
  • Keep lawns brief and yards swept
  • If we rinse your pet some-more than weekly flea products might not work
  • Treat all pets, even those free-roaming cats if we can!



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