Why Does My Dog Drink More Water?


Dog celebration from a bowl

Does your dog have urinary accidents in a house?

Or maybe he pesters to go out, some-more than he used to?

Both of these are hints your dog needs to pee more, substantially given he’s celebration some-more water. Sometimes it’s easier to mark these clues than it is to guard a H2O bowl, generally if we have several dogs all pity a same facilities.

 Yes and no.

There are times when lust is normal and healthy. These are:

  • A change of diet from soppy to dry food
  • Hot weather

Food and Water

For example, H2O creates adult to 75% of a mixture in canned dog food. Whereas in dry dog kibble this is some-more like 6 – 10%. Change from canned dinners to dry kibble and your dog needs to splash some-more in sequence to rehydrate a food in his stomach and reinstate a blank water.

As prolonged as a dog is differently healthy and doesn’t have any other symptoms such as sickness, lethargy, or diarrhea, afterwards this elementary reason is likely. However, a word of caution. The dog usually drinks adequate to hydrate himself, so if you’ve switched diets and a dog is carrying urinary accidents, afterwards things are some-more difficult and a oldster revisit is in order.

The Heat is On

Likewise, for prohibited weather. Since dogs don’t sweat, their categorical approach to remove feverishness is by panting. The evaporation of spit from a tongue helps cold a dog – a form of dog air-con! But this means a dog gets by a lot of water, and if it’s not transposed he’ll turn dehydrated. Hence, he drinks more.

The same portion binds true. As prolonged as a dog is differently well, eating normally, and display a same unrestrained for life, afterwards it’s expected a feverishness is a explanation. Although, it should be pronounced dogs do also get ill in prohibited weather, so if in doubt get a oldster checkup.

The physique is a smashing thing. When partial is off-balance, a physique creates adjustments to put things right. A bit like a thermostat on a executive heating system, if something rises above a preset level, mechanisms pitch into movement to move it behind to normal.

For example, when a kidneys aren’t operative efficiently, there’s a arise in healthy toxins in a bloodstream. To ‘reset’ these levels, a dog drinks some-more H2O in sequence to flush a toxins out of a system.

Another instance is a dog with sugarine diabetes. When sugarine spills out of a dissemination and into urine, it drags H2O with it. With a physique losing H2O to urine, it needs to be replaced, so a dog drinks more.

But rather than demeanour during a mechanics of thirst, let’s cruise a common reasons for a dog to be thirsty.

Drinking some-more can be an early idea that your dog has a health problem. Here are a sorts of problems your oldster will import up. After holding a story and examining a dog, a oldster might afterwards run blood and urine tests to check out their suspicions and strech a diagnosis.


Diabetes mellitus (Sugar diabetes)

Diabetes is a outcome of a mismatch of insulin to blood sugar. The levels of glucose arise in a bloodstream, while a cells onslaught to catch adequate sugarine to energy them. Clues that a dog has diabetes include:

  • Thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss
  • Cataracts
  • A sickly-sweet smell to a breath
  • Weakness and miss of energy

In further certain breeds are some-more expected to get diabetes than others, with a people during many risk being overweight whole womanlike dogs. The list of ‘at risk’ breeds is a prolonged one though includes dachshunds, keeshonds, Samoyed, Tibetan terrier, Cairn terrier, poodle, tiny schnauzer, beagle, West Highland white terrier, Border collie, and Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Diabetes therapy requires insulin injections, along with clever government of a dog’s diet.

 Liver Disease

The signs of liver illness can be utterly vague, and include:

  • Thirst
  • Sickness and diarrhea
  • Poor appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Jaundice (Yellow gums or whites of a eye)
  • Seizures

The critical thing is to get a dog seen by a oldster who can make a diagnosis and put understanding caring in place. To speed a diagnosis along, take a urine representation to a consultation.


Kidney Disease

Kidney illness is not as common in a dog as in a cat. Similar to liver disease, a signs are mostly deceptive and non-exclusive including thirst, weight loss, bad appetite, and bad breath.



Older womanlike dogs with a womb are during risk of infection within a womb. When pus builds adult inside a uterus, a condition is famous as pyometra. These dogs fast turn poisonous and left untreated a condition is life-threatening.

The warning signs your dog might have a pyometra include:

  • An comparison womanlike dog who still has a womb
  • She was in feverishness a few weeks earlier
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive thirst
  • Little seductiveness in food
  • Licking her vulva or has a vaginal discharge

See a oldster as a matter of urgency, given surgery, intravenous fluids, and antibiotics are mostly needed

Cushing’s Disease

Common in comparison dogs, Cushing’s illness occurs when a physique produces too many healthy steroid. This acts on a physique in a same approach that steroid tablets do and in a prolonged tenure causes:

  • Thirst
  • Increased appetite
  • Thin skin
  • Spots and blackheads
  • A bad coat
  • Pot belly
  • Lack of energy

Cushing’s illness tends to rise slowly, and given of this a symptoms are infrequently created off as aged age. However, with treatment, many of a signs are reversible and your dog can redeem his mojo.


Whilst lust does not start with all cancers, it can be an critical idea in some cases. The lust is down to a sequence greeting within a physique that ends by triggering a lust center. Your oldster might find some justification to behind this adult on blood tests, and need to use imaging such as x-rays, an ultrasound or MRI indicate to find a tangible tumor.


Some drugs list lust as a side effect. The many obvious of these are steroids, that can make a dog intensely thirsty, to a indicate of losing control of his bladder. Dogs on certain heart medications, such as diuretics, might also be thirsty.

If your dog is on remedy and his lust is excessive, let a oldster know. They might be means to revoke a sip or advise an choice remedy to move a problem underneath control.

Dental Disease

Last though not least, dental illness can means a dog to splash more. This is down to a dog carrying a terrible ambience in his mouth and perplexing to rinse it away! The answer here is straightforward, let your oldster purify and gloss a teeth so a dog gives honeyed kisses and drops a celebration habit!


In short, know extreme lust is mostly a idea something is wrong with a dog. Don’t disremember it, though instead find recommendation from your vet.